Sinking of the Sophia

On the 24th June 2021 members of Kingston and Elmbridge Sub Aqua Club headed out to Vobster Quays Inland Diving Centre to sink a boat.

Well, not them exactly, more the British Army sappers who kindly agreed to sink club member Chris Drewett’s boat Sophia.

Chris provided me with a bit of background to Sophia.

“We brought her [the boat] 10 years ago for £5,500 she was 23 years old and already had a lot of work carried out on her, but needed more. We have taken her out on the Thames many times and even went to Windsor and had dinner on the river there…she always got us back home, but often after some “on hand repairs” along the way. We even took her out fishing a few times on the south cost.

I have spent a small fortune on her and could probably have brought a new one. I loved her but repairs where turning out to be needed after every trip.

So needing room for my next project on the driveway [converting a van into a camper van] a decision had to be made so I offered her to Vobster as one of the attractions that people can go dive, which they kindly accepted and organised for a contingent of local sappers from the British Army to come sink her.

So in a sense I have solved the problem of space out the front of the house and I still get to see her using my other passion – Diving. It’s a win win for me!

May she live in the lake for many years to come!”

Chris Drewett, 2021

Sophia went down next to the car at Marker Bouy 22, so why not check her out…you never know you might find some treasure on her that Captain Drewett may have left aboard.

KESAC Club Members who went to witness the sinking of Sophia (some got to dive her first…although the sinking kicked up a lot of poor vis) Chris and his wife Nikki are third and fourth from the right.

Below are some photos of the day kindly taken by club member David Nicholson.

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