Mary Rose Trip 2022

Members of the Mary Rose Trip 2022

Len Hards, our Club Chairman writes about one of our land based clubs trips looking at maritime history and in particular the Mary Rose:

Saturday 5th March 2022 – on a cold (cold enough to make you go “shiver my timbers”), but dry day all 13 club members that signed up for this day trip turned up on time in the Portsmouth Historic Dockyards…except, guess who? The trip organiser…who proceeded to blame it on the Trains, that old chestnut. Luckily, we found the most old-fashioned greasy spoon in England, purely by chance or was its club members initiative? After excuses were said and done and of course another cup of tea we crossed the road over to the Mary Rose exhibition and queued in a covid free large group to get into the dockyard.

Boats were everywhere as you might imagine including HMS Victory, HMS Warrior and several large modern carriers (Including the latest HMS Queen Elizabeth). There were boat building workshops, more museums, dry docks, gift shops and water full docks to look around.

So many artefacts were found well preserved in bows of the Mary Rose and can be seen on display throughout the museum!

After lots of group photos and selfies we rounded HMS Victory to find the purpose-built Mary Rose Museum. A swift ticket check by Emma and we we’re into a corridor for a Tudor introduction by “Henry VIII” …all about Mary Rose’s history, Tudor people and sailors, English history and politics. Then into another room built like the interior of the ship, that allowed you to look out of the gun holes and understand how the water came flooding in these very holes when the Mary Rose turned into the wind and sank, very realistic!

At this stage I think they noticed the general age of the party, they offered some of us to carry around temporary seating (the cheek! 🙂 ).

Inside the main exhibition, which is on three levels, there are over 19,000 artefacts that were retrieved from the seabed and half of the Mary Rose which had become buried in the Solent silt and luckily preserved all these artefacts and the boat for us to see some 477 years later.

Our 2 hours passed by exceptionally fast, and it was time to leave the dockyard. It was a fantastic day out with new and old members of our dive club, a chance to chat and get to know each other.

Lastly a very very big thank you to Emma for organising a much-needed club social outing after all the confines of Covid.

If you are interested in joining a diving club and coming on not just see based trips, but also land based social events then get in touch through our contact page!

Hope to see you soon on one of our next trips!

The hull of the Mary Rose that was preserved under the Solent silt and mud