What’s 1+3+100?

….one very active and growing club.

Just this week alone Kingston and Elmbridge Sub Aqua Club (KESAC) achieved:

  • One Advanced Diver (well done Nick)
  • Three Dive Leaders  (well done Amanda, Debbie and Nathan)
  • and as of last night surpassed 100 club members. Whoohoo!

KESAC is very fortunate to have our own club house and training facilities, a bar, two compressors (and we can blend nitrox mixes) and a RHIB boat, all of which has been built up over the years since it first started in 1955!   

However, it is the members that make a club, along with provision of training and ultimately the ability to bring divers from all agencies together to go diving that makes club diving at KESAC so special.

We currently have 16 Ocean Divers in training and 10 Sports Divers, many of whom qualified as Ocean Divers last year, or are crossovers from other agencies who are training for their next diver grade.

This growth has come from a dedicated and active committee, supported by an excellent team of instructors who put in a lot of hours, along with a friendly club to make sure new members are welcomed, training (theory and practical) is regularly taking place, membership paperwork is filled in efficiently, course books ordered, dive kit is available and ready to be used, social events are happening, the RHIB ready to go, finances are well managed and bills paid, facilities are maintained and most importantly (to some) the bar is well stocked! 

We welcome any diver from any background who wants to make new friends, go to new places, enjoy new experiences, learn new skills, test themselves and most of all enjoy the wonder of the underwater world.

If you would like to find out more then please contact us!