Goodbye to Britvic

This week we bade farewell to our second RHIB, Britvic to her new home on the Isle of Wight with BSAC 0807 Wight Dolphins.

Andy, Fiona, Craig, Jonathan, Jason and David (photographer) with Britvic all cleaned up and ready for a new home across the Solent

Wight Dolphins’ own RHIB, “Wight Dolphin”, had a catastrophic engine failure preventing the club diving from their own boat.

It was by chance that BSAC National Instructor Andy Hunt mentioned this to our Diving Officer Craig Daniel while preparing him for First Class Diver.

Kingston and Elmbridge SAC had been given a mandate by club members to find a new “home” for Britvic and decided to donate the RHIB as she still had a good engine but needed some work, and in doing so found a way to support another BSAC club.

Andy and his partner Fiona came across from the Isle of Wight to collect Britvic, but not before Craig, Jonathan, Jason and David (photographer) gave her a good scrub down and ensured she was fit for the journey back.

We look forward for @kingstonsac to meet up with @wight_dolphins on SeaKing our other club RHIB when Britvic is back in the water and go diving together!

Getting Britvic Ship shape
Britvic all ready to go
Britvic, Andy and Fiona preparing to leave to go back to the Isle of Wight
Hope to see you in the water soon Britvic!

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