Dive Manager’s Take on Malta 2022

We just heard about the diving in Malta last month, but our Chairman (Len) and Dive Manager due to unforeseen circumstances, gives us his view and video evidence of club member antics in Malta:

Finally following a long four year wait due to Covid, we were ready and keen to return to dive systems dive centre in Sliema bay, Malta.

We all arrived at Gatwick South for our mid-day flight with Air Malta. There were 15 of us in total, Nick and Amanda went out on a earlier Easyjet flight that morning. After checking in and off lading our luggage we headed to the duty free and bars, a small flight delay gave us more more time to relax in the bars. Plus more time to fill in the customer and medical questioners from dive systems, Malta has tightened up on certification due to a big increase in deco. chamber visits recently. This resulted in some of us needing more than one form and another needing a medical from a local doctor that afternoon.

Day one two dives at  the ferry port, one on the P29 and on the north reef, followed up by a very welcome ice-cream on the way back to the dive centre, in the extreme heat, then a beery debriefing. The main talking point was the very choppy exit from both dives, slippery steps and Jackie “putting her knee out” and Brian putting it back in again, all caught on camera, swear words and all.

How to exit from a shore dive like a true professional

The first day completed, the next four days I volunteered my four dive marshals, a big thanks to Leanne, Nick, Lucy and Jackie, standing in for me as I’m not diving at present, tears. Over the week they dived the usual sites Um El Faroud, Cominoland, Imperial Eagle, the new recently sunk wreck and The Santa Maria caves, with the usual Kit troubles, tanks not tied on properly, mislaid kit and lost diving log sheets, all blaming each other and me not being able to “check them” until the last day. The diving finished with No incidents, so a big thank you to all the divers in my absence.

The change of hotel to the Preluna also seemed to work with no complaints, it had a very nice roof top bar, floor 14, and a sea fed outdoor pool and restaurant, plus a indoor “penis shaped pool” 😲 I’m told. The Hotel was in a different part of Sliema Bay, with new restaurants and the “Hole in the wall” bar around the corner and close to the “chill out bar”.

It was good to get away with some old friends and some new trippers, Nick, Amanda  and Lucy in  our group. Hopefully I will be a diving member on the next visit to Malta with some new club members to enjoy the Malta trip.


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