Malta Magic!

As summer is ending there is more time to write up our club trips. Lucy Besson writes about last month’s trip to Malta:

For a week in September, 11 divers and 6 sun-seekers flew out to Malta. Thanks to Len for organising, we shared a week of successful diving, no bus fares needed to get home (this time Ade!) and slurped plenty of soft whip ice-cream.

Kingston and Elmbridge (Minus Nick) and Dive System Guides

Malta is home to some of the best wreck diving and with caves and reefs offered the group had plenty to grin about. The dive guides from Dive Systems, Carston, Mark, Robin and Sergei welcomed K&E back after a Covid break. I’m sure they’re missing us now we’re back in the UK, despite an interesting introduction to the group on day one: Jackie handing over weights mid-dive, Ros close to losing her weights, and Len filming us clamber over rocks out of the water rather than lending a hand.

Malta Trip 2022 021 (Nick Sims)
Photos by Nick Sims

Over 5 days, we dived 6 wrecks, including one sunk on 29th August 2022 called the Hephaestus: A 60m long tanker which ran aground earlier in the year. The other 5 wrecks make up some of the best dives in Malta: P29, Karwela, Um El Faroud, Imperial Eagle and Cominoland.

A trip highlight on day three: Having charmed our guides, they were willing to split the group, with 5 of us diving the Um El Faroud a second time, and 4 doing a reef dive where ‘seahorses had been seen’. On reaching the wreck, we followed the stairs down past the boiler into the engine room at 34m. From there we ascended through each compartment until arriving at the top of the bridge in 16m. Glorious opportunity for keen wreck divers.

While de-kitting and debriefing this spectacular dive, the reef divers appeared beaming from ear to ear. Not only had they seen 100’s of octopus, but yes, they had seen a seahorse. Just one, but at least there is a photo!

Other highlights included Carston’s driving – guess the language he’s swearing in, diving from a Maltese Luzzu, and cocktails at the hotel’s rooftop bar.

In summary, fantastic diving, brilliant guides, non-stop sunshine and the usual K&E banter.

Bring on the next club trip to Malta in 2024!

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