Already a diver

Whether you have been trained by BSAC, IANTD, TDI, PADI or almost any other diving agency, you can bring your qualification with you and go diving with us. If you then want to take the next step and progress your training, you can ‘cross-over’ at the equivalent level and carry on your learning!

Our members have many different interests including underwater photography, marine biology, wreck diving, archaeology, deep technical diving and re-breather diving to name a few. So you can always find someone with similar interests.

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Further Training

As well as the standard diver grades:
Ocean Diver – 20 meters
Sports Diver – 35 meters/decompression diving
Dive Leader – 50 meters/dive and rescue management
Advanced Diver – Expedition planning

We also offer specialty courses in house such as compressor operation, boat handing, oxygen administration, first aid for divers, mixed gas blending, wreck Appreciation and many more.

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