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In Dorset, mackerel usually arrive in May or June, as they chase the sand eels and whitebait inshore, sometimes chasing them right up on to the beach. They may disappear for a few weeks in August, before returning with a …

Batmans mackerel with melted onions and black olives Read More »

Last dive on a Sunday, take an old post-office sack with you, and dredge the bottom for Scallops. Great fun. But, now you got ’em, what are you going to do with them? This is as about as simple as …

Oyster / Scallop Fitzdunster Read More »

There is an art to “flatty bashing”, but once you have got your eye in then it can be good fun. I once caught a massive beauty in Lyme Bay – here is the simple recipe I used, happy hunting.

Serves 10 Canapes If you happen to like scallops, watermelon and pak choi. And, you find yourself with some croutons spare. Then this recipe is right up your street.

(Serves 4) I’m a wreck-diver through and through. And, for someone like me this is the best thing you can do with a squid and some prawns. Eat them. Stop them cluttering up the sea floor!

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