Brian Deluce
President – Club figurehead.
Len Hards
Chairman – Leader and figurehead in the club, in club meetings and in all matters relating to the club’s public image.
Jonathan Markwell
Secretary – Responsible for club administration.
Nick Sims
Diving Officer – Responsible for the management of diving/snorkelling and training in the club in accordance with BSAC rules and standards.
Jason Stark
Treasurer – Responsible for the club finances.
David Nicholson
Membership Secretary – Responsible for the administration of club membership.
Debbie Butler
Training Officer –¬†Organises the training.
Buildings Officer – Organises the maintenance of our club house and premises.
Mark East
Compressor Officer – Responsible for the maintenance and organising the running of our two compressors.
James White
Boats Officer – Organises the maintenance of our two boats and administration of the use of them.
Jon Phelps
Bar Manager – Keeps our bar well stocked and staffed.
Bar Staff – Server of fine ales, spirits, wines and snacks
Gemma Edwards
Social Secretary – Organises club social activities.
David Watt
Kit Officer – Responsible for all club kit, purchasing, maintenance and hiring
Shirley Deluce
Welfare Officer – Responsible for care and support of club members where and when needed
Nathan Targett
Recruitment and Retention Officer – Responsible for recruiting new members and first point of contact

Thomas Bealing
Media Officer – Responsible for all things website, social media and IT technical