There are a number of options for diving within the club:

All diving is advertised to members via the notice boards a the club but also often through the email group, Facebook and similar. Diving is offered for all qualification levels,  however with boat diving there are typically constraints as all have to go to the same site and therefore often the same depth. This sometimes places limits on the minimum experience and qualification that can attend a particular dive. The Diving Officer is responsible for coordinating diving and delegates organising specific dives (or diving days) to Dive Managers, who are (minimum) Dive Leader grade. Diving is considered to be ‘club diving’ if the Diving Officer has been notified of the diving plan, and discussed it with the Dive Manager. Club dives can make use of club equipment, training can be undertaken and they fall under the safety umbrella of organised club dives. Standard dive organisation forms and other useful Dive Manager resources can be found HERE. Our Dive Managers give up their spare time to organise dives for us all and deserve appreciation and support! If you’re interested in becoming a Dive Manager, speak to the Diving Officer about how to become qualified.