Members Email Group

To keep up to date with all that goes on we strongly encourage our members to subscribe to the club email list using the form below. This enables you to:

* Receive timely emails regarding club news. You decide if you want to receive emails one-at-a-time or collated together periodically.

* Send emails to all subscribing members (see usage policy below)

The members-only email group utilises the “Yahoo Groups” system to allow individual members to set up their email preferences just the way they like, while human moderation protects against unsolicited email and subscriptions.

To join, simply fill out the form below. You will be sent an email to link to the group page. Please check your spam/junk as this automatic email is often filtered. Follow the link in the email and submit your request, confirming your name so we can check you against our membership records. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email from Yahoo Groups with further instructions.

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Usage policy

Obvious really but please:

  • Advertising — Just don’t. Exceptions for club members who are advertising kit for sale to other members.
  • Circular emails — You know the sort of thing, “funny” emails, petitions, chain letters.
  • Non club matters – Most people get a lot of emails these days, please restrict use of the group to club related matters only.
  • Rude or offensive content — Remember, your emails go out to everyone. If you are unsure if your message could be construed as offensive, please don’t send it.
  • “Reply all”– unless it’s needed, please just reply to the email sender.

In general, just use the group for that which it is intended. Organising dive trips, social events, canvassing for equipment advice and the like. Enjoy.

Note: You have to be an approved member to send an email to the group. You must send your email using the registered account.