Nitrox Group


Joining the Nitrox group enables qualified members to get Nitrox and Trimix fills at around half the cost you would typically pay in the shops.

Several years ago, a group of K&E members set up the facility to blend Nitrox and Trimix within the branch. This is how it works:

  • You pay an initial joining fee to the group which buys your share of the kit etc.
  • You pay an annual fee. This varies depending on the number of members (based on cylinder rentals for the year and general running and repair costs)
  • You pay for the oxygen and helium you use – at cost!
  • Blending can be done at any time other than after 9 pm on Thursday nights (or until all the air filling is completed).

If you’re not yet able to blend your own gas, you can probably ask someone else to take the time to do it for you occasioanlly. There are, however, regular gas blending courses that are run in-house or by BSAC South East region.