Our Pool

Our pool training takes place at the New Malden Centre. Please arrive at 7.30pm, ready for a briefing with your instructor (bear in mind it can take some time to park and unload your kit). By 7.45pm you can move your kit through to the pool and start to change, ready to begin the training and enter the water at 8pm. Training finishes at 9pm when our allocated slot comes to an end.


Trainees using the pool will pay a nominal fee of £2 per session. This fee also applies to club members who wish to test out new kit or configurations in the pool, or who want to swim. The fee does not apply to instructors who are providing training.

If you wish to use the pool but are not currently in regular training, please check with the Pool Marshall that there will be enough space for you.  Care should be taken in and around the pool as we have heavy cylinders and weight belts which could cause damage if we are not careful. Please do not stray out of our designated area and keep an eye out for others at all times.