RIB Diving

The club has two Ridged Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB’s often abbreviated to RIB’s), Seaking and Britvic. We base Seaking in a boat yard in Newhaven that makes for convenient and easy diving for all members. Newhaven is a little over an hours drive from our club house, the boat is launched and recovered for us. You transfer your kit in and out on the boat in the yard, it could not be easier.

How to book

A booking form for all RIB diving is placed on the club notice board, containing proposed dives for the whole year. If you want to join, simply add your name to your preferred dates and speak with the relevant Dive Manager. The Boats Officer will take payment for your dives.

What to take

  • Streamline your kit and keep all loose items in a net bag.
  • Don’t take items that are breakable or not water proof.
  • Do take a packed lunch and lots of water.
  • Consider the weather and dress accordingly, hats, gloves, sun cream etc. Those wearing semi-dry suites should bring a wind proof coat.
  • Do bring 2 cylinders as there will¬†be¬†insufficient time between dives to get a refill.
  • Any questions – ask the Boats officer or the Diving officer.

How to organise

We have produced a presentation to help explain what Dive Managers need to do to organise RIB diving, please see HERE. Please speak to the Boats Officer of the Diving Officer for more information.