Training is organised in-branch by our Training Officer. We train in the New Malden Centre on Thursdays from 7:30pm (at the latest), using the pool from 8pm -9pm.  Theory
lessons are given in one of our classrooms at our club house, the times vary but are usually after our pool sessions. Notice on timing, as well as which theory lesson is happening, is typically given using the club email group. Once the pool training is completed, trainees would expect to progress to diving in local lakes and then into the sea. The core diver grades are:

  • Ocean Diver – 20 meters
  • Sports Diver – 35 meters/decompression diving
  • Dive Leader – 50 meters/dive and rescue management
  • Advanced Diver – Expedition planning

Each of these grades requires a combination of theory and practical training and assessment. For the higher grades, practical training is undertaken solely in open water.

For further details of our pool nights click HERE.

For help with pool training, please see our training videos HERE.